‘VaughanSong’ is Daniel Vaughan and friends sittin’ in.

‘Twelve Guitars, Nine Months and a Pair of Boots’ is my first release

of fingerstyle, mostly acoustic guitar music.


This album is for those who like their music while cooking, talking,
driving, reading or playing. Music to live with.

Twelve Guitars, Nine Months and a Pair of Boots

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Listen to my recently
released album, ‘Twelve Guitars...’
recorded (almost) entirely at my MUSCOTE Bay Studio

 All songs ℗©2011 Daniel Vaughan (SOCAN) except ‘My Marie’ ©2001 Nelson Milley/Daniel Vaughan and ‘Morning Prize’ ©2007 Nelson Milley/Daniel Vaughan. All rights reserved. Engineered and produced by Daniel Vaughan. Mixed by Daniel Vaughan and Lorne Hounsell. Mastered by Central Audio. Cover photo by Alfonso Lavado. Back cover photo by Keith Sutcliffe. All other photos and cover design ©2011 Daniel Vaughan.


Special thanks to the great players who made it on this recording: Alec Steinwall on keys for ‘Lonely Parade’ and ‘Morning Prize’; Keith Sutcliffe drums and percussion on ‘My Marie’, ‘Ring That Bell’ and ‘Hayden Cadence’; Nelson Milley acoustic guitar (I know he’s in there somewhere) and vocals on ‘Morning Prize’; Frank ‘Frankie D’ Domagala vocals on ‘My Marie’ and the incomparable Pat Perez tenor and soprano saxophones on ‘Lindy’, ‘Morning Prize’, ‘Lonely Parade’ and ‘Absent Friends’; Barbara Vaughan, backing vocals on ‘Lonely Parade’ and clarinet on ‘Ring That Bell’ and Natasha Chomey backing vocals on ‘Lonely Parade’.


I could have done it without you guys, but it would have sucked!

All instruments and drum programming by Daniel Vaughan except where noted.


Musicians are always thanking their spouses in the credits and now I know why.

Without my wife Barbara’s support, this project wouldn’t have happened. This album is for her, the woman who makes everything possible.

©℗2018 Daniel Vaughan. All Rights Reserved.